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Clampdown on Corruption Welcome

THE MDC-T’s onslaught on corrupt party officials is a praiseworthy move that goes miles in distinguishing the MDC-T from Zanu PF.

The firing of the Chitungwiza provincial leadership of the MDC-T on allegations of corruption also shows that the MDC-T is a party of excellence.
As the Youth Forum we are pursuing the said investigations on corrupt MDC-T run councils and MPs with a distinct interest. We believe it is our duty to protect the public from greedy politicians who feed themselves at the expense of the suffering masses of Zimbabwe. We will assist the investigating teams by means of urging the prejudiced members of the public to shun political retribution and come forward to expose corrupt public officials and politicians.
Corruption is one of the factors that catalysed the Zimbabwean economic downturn during the reign of the Zanu PF regime and we should not allow MDC-T politicians to walk in the footsteps of Zanu PF.
Meanwhile, the Youth Forum is urging members of the public to demand a voice in the mechanism of how the recently promulgated constituency development fund is going to be   used so as to reduce tempting the MPS to  divert the money towards personal gain.

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