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THE Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (Zesa), more appropriately known as Zimbabwe Electricity Sometimes Available, has striven to make sure that we start 2010 under a cloud of darkness.

Although they had announced that there would be increased load shedding, just giving us less than four hours of electricity is ridiculous!
To make matters worse there is no schedule to guide us on the load shedding programme.
Do they think we are in the business of guessing when they will switch us off? The failure to give us a schedule shows that they do not care about its customers.
Does it make sense to be paying bills for something that is malfunctioning?
Or for something which one is not sure will be available?
The whole idea of paying is in anticipation of a service to be rendered, or for one that has already been supplied.
But apparently not with our local power utility. In this regard Zesa seems to be facing an insurmountable task which it is unable to face up to.
Whilst only receiving a few hours of power in the middle of the night one would expect that our bills would be reduced by three quarters but this is not happening.
In business and residential areas alike, Zesa bills continue to be more than what most people earn in a month. Unexplained and incomprehensible is how you go from having a credit balance in one month to owing $700 the next.
My experiences have shown that the power utility is generally unwilling to respond to consumer complaints.
Consumers need a solution to a problem to make an informed decision and choice. But is there a choice in terms of power supply?
There is also need for the power utility to deal with the issue of estimate bills. There is need for accurate figures for the value of the US$30.
It makes me wonder how they justify the exorbitant bills when we are in perpetual darkness. Talk about reaping where they did not sow! 


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