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Mugabe Deserves the Title ‘God-given’

I WISH to respond to the article published under the Muckraker column in the Zimbabwe Independent (November 27- December 3 2009) under the headline, ‘‘Why is it that all the losers are the loudest?’’

In the column the columnist criticised me for describing His Excellency President Robert Mugabe as a “God-given” leader.

The columnist further labelled me a “loud loser” and purported that I had added “a further honorific to President Mugabe’s list of mandatory titles”.

May I vividly remind Muckraker that as a war veteran and a Zanu-PF cadre, I have a lot of respect and praise for our president Cde Mugabe and this respect dates back to the days of the liberation struggle. I unapologetically and boldly will always describe Cde Mugabe as a God-given leader who has seen it all and is for sure, a tried and tested leader in Africa and the rest of the world.

It is indisputable that Cde Mugabe has always stood by his people and country against hostile foreign interests and in safeguarding the gains of the liberation struggle.

It is fundamentally critical to let the columnist know that under the wise stewardship of Cde Mugabe, we were fully empowered through land reform and the indigenisation programmes.

Through these noble programmes, many Zimbabweans have been turned from the doldrums into vibrant businesspeople and farmers.

Which African leader has empowered his people the way Cde Mugabe has done?

For the columnist’s information, I am a proud and successful farmer and businessman who owes all these successes to our able leader Cde Mugabe. In the same vein, let it be loud in the columnist’s ears that it is my fundamental right to participate in any election and losing the election does not at all change my political affiliation and freedom of association.

It is very strange that the columnist had the audacity to label me a loud loser. What business is it to the columnist that I lost in the 2008 parliamentary elections? Am I the only one who lost in the said elections?
Muckraker seems to forget so soon that even Morgan Tsvangirai did not win the 2008 harmonised elections although he claims to have won. Did he not go around the world preaching and making noise about the elections trying to canvass for sympathy?

If he had won the election as he was claiming, why was he not sworn in as president?

If others lost in the general elections, what is so peculiar about Chinotimba who as you allege was making noise in his own country? From the look of things, it seems as if Muckraker has a personal goal to score against me than anything else.

Regrettably for Muckraker, I am a staunch Zanu PF cadre and I have all the respect for our leaders mainly those in the presidium which is led by Cde Mugabe. Furthermore as a dedicated cadre, I will continue working for the party as I have been doing and no amount of criticism can divert my attention from Zanu PF and the people of Zimbabwe in safeguarding our sovereignty and integrity.

If the truth be told, even if the columnist is to make a fair and genuine comparison on who are the best and most popular leaders on the continent and the world, Cde Mugabe will no doubt, top this list.

Let the columnist be reminded that Cde Mugabe’s titles which he/she outrageously describes as honorific in a sarcastic way; are legitimately and rightfully his. It is very unfortunate that the columnist does not seem to know and deliberately forgot that Cde Mugabe is the head of state and government and commander-in-chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces.

I should put it on record that Cde Mugabe is worth the title “God-given leader” because he has the qualities worth the title through his wise leadership.

In addition, let Muckraker be reminded that it is Cde Mugabe and Joshua Nkomo, as leaders of Zanu and Zapu respectively, who waged a war against the white minority and racist rule resulting in the attainment of independence which everyone, including the columnist is enjoying today.


The columnist should not be fooled by events and time to forget so soon that independence did not come in a silver platter, but through bloodshed and sacrifice.

Anybody who believes Cde Mugabe has not done more than much to Zimbabwe should be taken for medical examination before it is too late.

Cde Joseph Chinotimba,
National Vice-Chairman,
Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans

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