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Nelly Furtado Blasts Madonna!

NELLY Furtado has launched a stinging attack on Madonna — because the queen of pop refuses to grow old gracefully.

“I am not ready to adjust physically, just to be marketable,” Furtado said. “My sell-by date will run out eventually.
“Unlike Madonna, I wouldn’t be willing to do pilates round the clock, just to slow down the deterioration of my body. I prefer to sit in the kitchen, drink tea and eat biscuits.”
Nelly — who is married to sound engineer Demacio Castellon and has a six-year-old daughter, Nevis, from a previous relationship — says she enjoyed taking a break after she  finished promoting her 2006 album Loose.
“After the tour I was terribly exhausted and had to find a way back to a healthy routine,” she said. “I cooked chicken soup for my family and just enjoyed everyday life. The small things that make you happy are important to me.”
Furtado recently revealed that she rewrote her new album, Mi Plan, just to please her daughter.
“I had English writer’s block so I decided to make an album in Spanish,” she said. “I played it to my daughter and she said to me, ‘Mummy there are too many slow songs. You need more fast songs.’
“So mummy went back to the studio and put a couple more fast songs on the album.
“She’s like a little A and R person and is pretty musical for her age.” — Showbiz.

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