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Victorious Warriors Must now up Their Game

AFTER reading the piece by Enock Muchinjo titled “Well done Warriors…but” in the Independent last week, I was triggered to respond.

I was totally delighted that the Warriors won the regional Cosafa Senior Challenge competition. Inasmuch as I was pleased by that success, I still believe that we have a long journey to the top echelons of football, not only in this region but also in the world.

Zimbabwe needs to build a stronger team.

Fairly judging the boys, they have done their best and the country proud.

But as I noticed most if not all teams were better than us technically.

I think it is within Zifa’s capacity to develop our soccer from grassroots levels up to the premier tier. We have to celebrate the victory, but the fact remains we need a team capable of fighting for big honours such as the African Nations Cup and the World Cup.

Some believe that we are almost there, but I totally agree with you that we are miles behind.

Lazarus Sauti,

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