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Mugabe must fulfil outstanding issues

THE 30-day deadline set by Sadc for the inclusive government to settle the outstanding issues of the Global Political Agreement (GPA) will only be applauded after President Robert Mugabe has settled the outstanding issues which, among others, include the appointment of the Reserve Bank governor, the Attorney-General and provincial governors.

These were appointed unilaterally by President Mugabe when the prime minister should have been consulted.
Further to this the rule of law hasn’t yet been restored, media violations continue unabated and farm invasions are on the increase.
We had hoped that the six-month period set at the inception of this limping inclusive government to evaluate its workability would see our nation making much progress, but this has not been the case.
With such a background this becomes the second chance for the unity government, but what happens to President Mugabe and his Zanu PF party if he fails to adhere to the recommendations? Will he also not seek further compromises, as he is arguing that “sanctions” have not yet been lifted?
We however applaud the move by MDC-T to express their disgruntlement with the unity government by partially disengaging from interaction with Zanu PF, thereby drawing the attention of Sadc to the outstanding GPA issues. We also maintain that despite the challenges facing the inclusive government, it is the best option the country has of moving forward. Other scenarios will result in bloodshed and as youths we are a most vulnerable group.
Dialogue is indisputably the best solution to the GPA crisis, and the transitional phase we are going through is a process and not an event. 

Media and Communications Officer
Youth Alliance for Democracy

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