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Cunning Mugabe in full Control

I READ your Editor’s Memo by Constantine Chimakure about our beloved leader (President Robert Mugabe) and the hardliners, and agree with everything he said except that the leader is captive to the hardliners in Zanu PF.

He is like a fox, that old man — he can still run rings around anybody in the party, and the party is totally dependent upon him for ideas and for its very survival.
Why else does Sadc not do something substantive to rescue the GNU? If he were suddenly to die, I have little doubt that Sadc would suddenly become aware of its obligations to the people of Zimbabwe, and start meeting the guarantees that they promised at the time of signing the GPA. Mugabe knows this, and they know this, so I have no doubt at all that he is in total control. As it is, I expect they’ll get the leader to agree to swear in Roy Bennett, all very meaningless in terms of real power. Maybe even the Zanu PF governors will be removed but not Gono or Tomana. We shall see!

Richard McGown,

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