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Tsvangirai nothing like Savimbi

WE condemn in the strongest terms the reference to Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai as a “Savimbi of Zimbabwe” by Zanu PF’s Didymus Mutasa.

Jonas Savimbi was an anti-Communist rebel leader who fought against the MPLA in the Angolan civil war.
This is a misguided, parochial and retrogressive statement given that Tsvangirai is a total opposite of the above-mentioned rebel.
Despite walloping President Robert Mugabe vigorously in the March 29 harmonised election, he agreed to go to the negotiating table to find a lasting solution to the untold suffering of Zimbabweans.
He made huge compromises for the sake of progress in Zimbabwe. This was after the realisation that the sponsored reign of terror had caused the loss of 300 lives, displaced 300 000 families and resulted in a plethora of injuries to civilians.
In most African states leaders who get into situations such as what Tsvangirai was put in either incite a rebellion or they form a parallel government culminating in serious losses of life.
The majority of victims in such scenarios are the vulnerable in the community who include women, children and the aged.
As Youth Alliance for Democracy we hail the move taken by Tsvangirai and his MDC-T party and we further urge him to continue fighting from within. Leaving the government is as good as deserting your field simply because baboons have devoured it.
Total attainment of democracy is a process. We, therefore, urge fellow pro-democratic organisations to put their heads together and peacefully fight for the democratisation of Zimbabwe.
United and using non-violent methods we will achieve.

Youth Alliance for Democracy

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