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Ridgeview College Taking us for a Ride

IT is with sadness that we write this letter to the media to express our disappointment with the management and teaching staff at Ridgeview Islamic College.

Our children will sit for their “O” Level exams soon and it has been brought to our attention that teaching of the “O” Level syllabus is still to be completed, and chances are it still will not be completed by the exam date.
The college has raised school fees to $650 per term to make up for teaching staff salaries. Parents already forked out their hard earned money to pay for local and external exams and all this is going down the drain because the teachers seem to lack the time to complete the syllabus. The question therefore would be what did we pay the school fees for?
What pains us most is that our children’s time and our money has been wasted. Why did management not tell us in time not to register our children for exams as they very well knew that they could not finish the syllabus before the exam date.
We are urging the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) to look into this matter and those responsible for this gross incompetence should be taken to task or even asked to resign.

Concerned parent,

Ridgeview college replies

THE Ridgeview Islamic College teaching staff and management does not find any merit in the contents of the letter written by “Concerned parent” (see above).
The school has traditionally offered its students an opportunity to sit for June Zimsec “O” and “A” Level examinations as is the norm in most schools. Students who attempt June Zimsec examinations only do so on their own volition and are not in any way compelled to do so.
Parents have to give their approval knowing that the “O” Level examination syllabus covers a period of two years starting from January Form 3 to next year November Form 4.
The school record for June Zimsec examinations is open for inspection and evidence is there to show that our students have always performed well despite having done a two-year syllabus in less than one-and-a-half  years.
The school fees have been much cheaper compared to other private schools in the same category as our college. We find no reason why the writer should complain the way he/she did.
As a matter of fact the school offers free extra tuition after normal school hours and all pupils are free to attend, but some choose not to. It is these children’s parents who are trying to find someone to blame.
To demonstrate the school’s commitment to the pupils success, even the principal takes extra classes. If one child did not do as well as expected by the parent, surely the blame should not be heaped on management and teaching staff as some students sat for the same examinations and passed. How then can this accusation be justified?
The writer concerned is free to contact the principal in person and have this issue clarified.

MH Anjum,

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