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Disengagement a Step in the Right Direction

I AM a patriotic citizen with Zimbabwe at heart. It is no doubt from this standpoint that I proffer the assertion that the decision by the MDC to disengage with Zanu PF is a prudent move which to me remains a step in the right direction.

We had raised hopes when the coalition government took the reins of power in Zimbabwe. We all hoped for the best. As the Old Chinese saying goes: “A journey of a thousand miles starts with but a single step…”

But with each passing day all our hopes for a peaceful and democratic transition were met with uncertainty, largely because of Zanu PF’s insincerity, unreliability and dishonesty to the peace pact. Perchance this explains why the MDC had to take the bull by the horns by disengaging from an unrepentant partner in the coalition government. A partner that for a long time has been treating them like political toddlers — a partner that continues to call them unpleasant and unwanted elements with ties to our former oppressors and their allies. I am talking about an unreliable partner that continues through the state media to call the MDC stooges of the West.
Zimbabwe is in a political and economic crisis of stupefying complexity. Addressing this crisis isn’t at all simple and clear cut but is instead intricately complex thereby making it a huge task.
It’s my moral obligation not to envy wicked men. I don’t at all desire their company because what irritates me most is the fact that their hearts are always plotting violence and they have no future hope. They don’t look beyond their circumstances. These are the sort of people who do not understand justice. Instead, they oppress the poor like a driving rain that leaves no crops.
The political and economic instability that Zimbabwe faces today is largely attributable to Robert Mugabe. He has dismally failed to inspire in us the desire to contribute to the common good. And this is the very reason why we have been consistently voting him out of office ever since the year 2000.
Reports of the establishment of military bases in rural areas ahead of the next election continue to pour in. Meanwhile Mugabe tells us that he is too busy to deal with the crisis in the coalition government. It seems like they are readying themselves for a violent confrontation with the suffering and oppressed people of Zimbabwe. We have been deprived of our freedom and have resultantly been relegated to the status of things as opposed to being elevated to the status of persons. This depreciation of our freedom is objectionable to us.
African countries that made the coalition government to be in place in Zimbabwe should act as a matter of urgency. Time isn’t on our side and Zimbabwe’s health has to be restored promptly.

Mutsa Murenje,
South Africa.

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