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Council Should get Priorities Right

LAST Friday I saw a road repair crew repairing the truly terrible surface of the entrance to Strathaven shopping centre.

Enquiry elicited the fact that a tenant had contacted the Harare municipality who said that they had no transport, but that if she could provide it they would provide the tar and a crew to lay it.
The department concerned is to be commended on a job well done, but I can’t help wondering how many lorries and trucks could have been bought with the money which the mayor lavished for his Mercedes Benz.
Likewise the money for the five Toyota Prados which senior officials of the council feel they need could be put to better use. The municipal offices at the Rowan Martin Building were officially opened in 1974 by the then mayor W “Jock” Alves, who famously sold the city’s ancient Rolls Royce and was driven around in a humble Renault.
Perhaps the present incumbent should follow his example. Politics is the art of setting priorities. Apparently riding around in expensive cars is more important to the Harare city fathers than the ratepayers having decent roads to drive on!


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