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Resurrecting a Cadaver: Moyo’s Mission Impossible

NOW Martha said to Jesus, “Lord, if You had been here, my brother would not have died. But even now I know that whatever You ask of God, God will give you.”

Jesus said to her, “ Your brother will rise again.”

Martha said to him, “I know that he will rise again in the resurrection of the last day.”

Jesus said, “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me, though he may die, he shall live. And whoever lives and believes in me shall never die….” (John 11 verses 21-26).

And so, according to the scriptures, Jesus went on to perform one of his many miracles and Lazarus was brought back to life.

Last week, a mere mortal called Jonathan Nathaniel Moyo claimed in a local weekly that he was the Messiah who would spur another “Lazarus moment” which would lead to the instant resurrection of a dead political party — Zanu PF.

While Zanu PF is “Lazarus”, the major question as to who would be its “Jesus” appeared to have been answered by the professor’s desperate attempt to play the knowing old Coaster, suggesting he was the Messiah who had returned to rescue his people.

And if Moyo is the Messiah to rescue Zanu PF from its Lazarus moment, the nation would be happy to know who in Zanu PF are Lazarus’ sisters; the Marys and Marthas in Zanu PF who fell down at his feet and begged him to come back and bring the party back to life!

It was Moyo himself who announced the political death of Zanu PF when he told journalists at the Quill Club earlier this year that the party was dead and awaiting burial.

It was Moyo himself who told us that after almost three decades in power, “Mugabe Must Go” had become more than just an opposition slogan but a political reality. It was Moyo who bared his heart and revealed how Zanu PF had become a party for the archives; a relic of antiquity fit for a political museum.

But today, he claims to have returned to bring the glamour back to a party that he himself wrote off; a party that Zimbabweans have unambiguously rejected and condemned to the cemetery.

Moyo’s return to Zanu PF is nothing but a stroll in the graveyard; a celebrated harlot’s meaningless visit to her erstwhile boyfriend’s grave in the vain hope that her bouquet of flowers will resurrect her former bosom partner of five years!

He may deny it in his long monologues in the Sunday Mail, but it is a fact that he is politically promiscuous: a person of loose political morals prepared to bed any political organisation that hops along, including those who only four years ago threw him naked out of the bedroom window.

A politician who venomously attacks a political party in 1998, joins it in 1999, is fired from it in 2005 and rejoins it in 2009 is nothing but a political turncoat.  In the murky world of espionage, he would not even be a double agent, but a triple agent who is as dangerous as they come, even to a fickle and unsophisticated spy agency.

Moyo is mistaken that some of us are worried that he has rejoined Zanu PF. That is where the devil belongs. Zimbabweans will only be happy that the devil has returned to his lair. What Zimbabweans will not tolerate is Moyo’s unbridled abuse of the public media to vilify and malign ministers of government because they are MDC.

What Zimbabweans will not tolerate is Moyo’s hate speech against the democratic forces simply because they are saying what he himself said about Zanu PF in the 1990s and as recently as February 2009!

Forget the dry, sulking monologue and the long sentences of more than 100 words each, Moyo is a man of contradiction. In last week’s issue of the Sunday Mail, while claiming that sanctions, the US and imperial Europe were the real enemies of Zanu PF, he was to make a telling admission in the same article that “Zanu PF’s problems are entirely internal as evidenced by the rise of factions…”.

But never mind his glaring inconsistencies and his persistent and consistent life of political malice. Never mind his diatribe in the public media, the truth is that Zimbabweans, and Moyo admits these include one of his own daughters, are clear that it is only the MDC which will deliver real change to the people.

From Msampakaruma to Mandidzudzure, from Kazungula to Tamandayi, from Zaka to Nyafaru, from Kazangarare to Sianchundu, Zimbabweans rejected Zanu PF and Robert Mugabe on March 29 2008. No amount of propaganda will undo the people’s loud and unambiguous verdict.

Credible political parties do not primarily depend on propaganda to win elections because ultimately propaganda will not walk to the polling booth. Credible political parties primarily depend on the people who will ultimately vote for them come election time. And the MDC is a people’s party that won the presidential election on March 29, has a majority in parliament and controls the majority of local authorities throughout the country.

Moyo may blasphemously claim to be Zanu PF’s political Messiah. And his colleagues in the archaic, feudal party may prematurely start writing their own celebratory scripture: “The second coming of Jonathan Moyo.”

But for now, Moyo’s false prophecy of the resurrection of a political cadaver called Zanu PF will remain what it is; the far-fetched dream from the most decorated political turncoat of our time.

Luke Tamborinyoka is the director of Information and Publicity in the MDC formation led by Morgan Tsvangirai. He can be contacted at mhofu@yahoo.co.uk.


By Luke Tamborinyoka

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