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BARACK Obama did not deserve to win the Nobel Peace Prize ahead of PM Morgan Tsvangirai.

Whilst I concede that he has good intentions and talks about creating a better world free of conflict, we are yet to see the results of his policies. Tsvangirai however has toiled to bring democracy and peaceful coexistence in Zimbabwe. To me he deserves to be the winner.
Taurai Musingarabwi.

IF ever there was a man deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize then Morgan Tsvangirai is it. Deserving because of what he has achieved rather than what he might bring about as is the case with Barack Obama.

MORGAN Tsvangirai gave up a presidency in order to avoid violence continuing against his constituents. He suffered beatings, torture and imprisonment in order to bring peace to his people. He deserved the Nobel Peace Prize.

THE move made by the MDC-T leadership to retain the current leadership is good because we would go to the elections with a tried and tested leadership structure to guarantee success. We do not need new leadership at the moment since they would need time to establish themselves before the elections.
Tiny, Mutare.

WILL PM Morgan Tsvangirai and the MDC-T please answer my question: are white Zimbabweans not allowed to own farms in Zimbabwe?

AS long as Zanu PF zealots continue with unjustified farm invasions and disruptions, no sane person will ever take Zimbabwe seriously. The means can never justify the end particularly now in 2009. This is a crying shame.

THANK you Independent for exposing Zanu PF for what it is. Repression, poor governance and corruption are just too prickly to be packaged as nationalism.
Ndlubu, Bulawayo.

AS part of your social obligation can you please run a free dating service for civil service bachelors? We are tired of being rejected since everyone knows our salaries. Maybe you could partner with Malawian and Zambian female civil servants.
Baba Chemwandoita.

BOSSO is the team to beat next season. Coach Mohammed Fathy is the man and we should give him all the support he needs.
Mukosera, T.
TO Jonathan Moyo I say it is more humiliating to continue in sin than to repent and sin no more. Let’s go the HIPC way and help redeem the nation. Deliverance comes with an acceptance of one’s wrongs and a commitment to sin no more. This is what is missing in 99% of our so- called leaders.
Repentant sinner.

JONATHAN Moyo is evidently very ambitious and what he wants is very clear: to get to the highest office in the land. He should however be reminded that voters hold the key to whether he succeeds or not.
Chibox, Marondera.

I REALLY do not understand Jonathan Moyo’s political ideology. Some years back he was a critic of Robert Mugabe only to change and support him in 2000. In 2005 he had another about turn and started to speak out again against Mugabe.Now he is at it again with his political acrobatics. I don’t think that at this stage anybody can take him seriously.
Taurai Musingarabwi.

READING Jonathan Moyo’s interview in the Sunday Mail, I could not help but  feel sorry for Zanu PF that they have been reduced to putting their hope in such a person.
Hip hop. 

ONLY those who still tune in to ZBC must pay their television and radio licences. For ZBC to coerce us to pay for services that are not friendly to  our ears and eyes is totally unjust.
Vicar General.

THE process of getting a driver’s licence is now very expensive. Why can’t we just go straight to VID without having to pass through CMED?
Economist, Harare.

A RECENT environmental degradation  discussion highlighted  the devastating effects on our ecosystem of discharging plastic hair imports. A quick glance at women in the streets suggests that they have adopted this phenomenon without due regard to the dire consequences they have on the environment.

CAN the authorities concerned deal decisively with the plunder and destruction of natural resources at Darwendale dam. This once beautiful resort area, which brought enjoyment to nature lovers has now deteriorated to unacceptable levels. Environment minister Francis Nhema must do something fast.

I APPEAL to cell phone network operators to install base stations in Ngundu.
Network starved.

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