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Local Potato Prices a rip off

POTATOES are to me what mealie meal is to most Zimbabweans –– staple food.    When I was last in Messina a 10 kg pocket of potatoes cost 20  rand which at the time equated to US$2.  

They were sold in Harare at approximately US$10, the same price as locally grown ones. Importation of potatoes is no longer permitted by the government, obviously in order to protect local farmers.

So what do they do? They escalate the price by some 50% to US$15,50 a pocket or US$ 1,95 a kg for inferior quality produce covered in mud, often “green” and chopped by badzas.

Talk about exploitation of the gullible public!   I for one will let them rot in the supermarkets and hope the growers go bust.


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