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ZANU PF is stalling the constitution-making process because it’s clear that the sunset party will be defeated in the next elections.

The people of Zimbabwe should continue to agitate and support the parliamentary committee’s efforts. A new constitution is our bridge to a new Zimbabwe and a new beginning without the Zanu PF baggage weighing us down
Frank Matandirotya.

ZANU PF, through the “public” media seeks to create the impression that it alone is at the forefront of ensuring a successful 2009 farming season.

I HAVE heard of rats jumping off a sinking ship but never of a rat jumping onto a sinking ship. Jonathan Moyo bewilders me.
N M.

I WONDER what the voters in Tsholotsho think after Jonathan Moyo’s crossing the floor to Zanu PF. They had voted for an independent candidate who has decided to realign himself with Zanu PF.
Mai Mariri.

THE MDC should not take their supporters for granted. They are now saying they want to hear from the people whether they should continue to be a part of the GNU or not. They should rather go and ask those who advised them to join this government what to do now because they did not ask the people in the first place.
Berube, Chimanimani.

SENATOR Obert Gutu’s articles are well researched, balanced, well researched and clearly presented. The editor should consider giving him a regular column.
Mugrade seven.

WHETHER the propagandists like it or not, there should be no going back on the constitution-making process.
SG, Kuwadzana.

I HEAR Tambaoga wants everyone to believe that he is now a changed man and no longer a Zanu PF propagandist. He will not convince me! The Blair he should know is a toilet and that is where he belongs.
Wamwan, Zengeza.

I DON’T think that there are any leaders as confusing to their members as the leaders of the Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ). Urging teachers to go to work and then not to on Thursdays and Fridays is just plain ridiculous. Save us from the PTUZ and Raymond Majongwe madness.
RAYMOND Majongwe is misleading teachers in PTUZ. He criticises Robert Mugabe and the previous government for being corrupt when he also wastes the union’s resources for personal gain. He should step down and and join the MDC if he wants to discuss politics.
Comrade, Gweru.

THE Finance minister must ensure that the Chinese, Indian, Nigerian and other traders bank the money they are accruing. These people are keeping their cash and importing goods without the money getting in the banking sector. The country can never be financially liquid at this rate. All imported goods above a certain figure should be paid through the bank.

MAY the powers that be take action to curb corruption in the judiciary? It is now reaching alarming levels where convicted people are set free because they can pay and the innocent deprived of justice because of their social status.
Mike Bumhira.

THE inclusive government should come to Jaggers Wholesalers’ aid before it collapses and hundreds of employees lose their jobs.
Worried worker.

ZIMSEC has truly perfected the art of extortion. The exam fees are so high that I am sure Zimsec can now afford to lend government some money, if not the IMF!
Ticha Majanga.

BUSINESS in Binga is being disrupted by the poor road network. Someone should do something about it.

CAN bus operators plying the Harare to Mutoko route justify their US$5 charge for a 140km distance when a 600km distance; Harare to Beitbridge is costing around US$10?

AS a Caps United supporter I wish to give the Makepekepe owner and directors a free dose of advice: Lloyd Chitembwe should only be the assistant coach because he lacks experience and has got nothing to contribute.
Agrippa Ngwazi.

I AM looking for my brother who I last saw in December 2007. His name is Munyaradzi Mataranyika and the last time I heard from him he was working for the Ministry of Justice in Bindura. Can anyone with information on his whereabouts contact me on 0913461186.
Norman Zuze.

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