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Gono has Failed the Nation

I WAS bemused by Reserve Bank Governor Gideon Gono’s  utterances about the need for the return of the Zimbabwe dollar.

It is such a shame that the very person whose policies decimated the economy thinks he still has a role to play in reviving the Zimbabwean economy. In the eyes of many, the best thing for Gono can do is just simply to resign in shame.

To some of us, the word Gono rekindles very sad memories of the painful cash crisis, hyperinflation and the consequent national suffering. Did Gono ever sleep on bank pavements queuing for money? He did not and that is why he does not know how the general public which came face to face with his disastrous policies feels about him.

So many nations have faced political crises but certainly not to the extent of having their currencies rendered completely useless. The Zambians under Kenneth Kaunda limped on with their Kwacha. The same happened to Mozambique under Samora Machel, they still have their metical.

In Zimbabwe the currency disappeared altogether and the people who were at the helm during the darkest era in the history of our country are adamant that they did a great job and they want to continue. How shameful!

Why did Gono not implement the policies he is now agitating for during his first five year term when the local unit went into an unprecedented free fall?

He had everything at his disposal to do as he wished. We remember him so well flaring up the coals of inflation by uncontrolled money printing and quasi-fiscal activities. He basked in the glory of being the de facto prime minister back then.

Some of us who stay in Bindura had the misfortune of witnessing first hand Gono’s destructive policies more often.

We remember hordes of Zanu PF supporters getting free diesel monthly at BP/ Shell depots along Trojan Road. Despite getting the fuel, seed, fertiliser and tractors the so called farmers dismally failed to feed the nation. Independent journalists noted that these were not farmers but black market dealers eager to make a quick buck.

These journalists were labeled as Selous Scouts, sell-outs, Rhodesians, British stooges, CIA operatives and all! The results however were all there to see, a failed and hungry nation importing maize from Malawi and Zambia, of all countries. After all that garbage, Gono still has the temerity to suggest solutions, let alone to appear in public?

Percival Munjoma,

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