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MDC-T Holds Crisis Meeting Over Unity Govt

THE Morgan Tsvangirai-led MDC’s national council will tomorrow hold a crisis meeting in Bulawayo amid pressure to disengage from the inclusive government. The party wants  to coerce Zanu PF to make concessions on the outstanding issues of the global political agreement (GPA).

Nelson Chamisa, the MDC-T spokesperson, yesterday confirmed the council meeting saying it would assess the “status and health” of the unity government and will “fashion a way forward”.


“We are going to look at progress and the lack of it on the implementation of the GPA,” he said. “This week’s Sadc summit will be a topical issue.”

He declined to comment on pressure by the majority of the party’s national council members who want tomorrow’s meeting to resolve that the MDC-T disengages from government.

Tsvangirai recently said his party reserved the right to disengage if outstanding issues were not resolved.
Impeccable sources in the MDC-T told the Zimbabwe Independent that Tsvangirai would be under “immense” pressure in the meeting to carry out his threat and coerce Mugabe to, among other things, rescind the rehiring of central bank governor Gideon Gono and the appointment of Attorney-General Johannes Tomana and swear in Roy Bennett as deputy Agriculture minister.

National council members, the sources said, were bitter that this week’s Sadc Summit did not deal with the sticking points and wanted the party to flex its muscles tomorrow.

Council members, the sources said, were blaming Sadc for siding with President Mugabe and Zanu PF at the expense of the generality of Zimbabweans and wanted the MDC-T to disengage from the unity government formed last February.

“We are saying Sadc and Zanu PF’s signals are that of discomfort and disinterest in the GPA,” a council member said. “We need to step up our play. We need to disengage and remind Zanu PF that they need the GPA more than us. It is Zanu PF that was dirty and needed to be cleansed with the power-sharing deal.”

The council members said as guarantors of the unity deal, Sadc should have taken a tough stance to force Mugabe to resolve the host of the outstanding issues.

“Sadc offered Mugabe blind solidarity by calling for the lifting of sanctions when they know that they can only be lifted if the GPA is fully consummated,” another national council member said. “There is need for transformation of Sadc from a trade union of leaders to a union of people. There is absolutely no need for leadership solidarity.”

Constantine Chimakure

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