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Prioritise Infrastructure Development

IF the economy is to emerge from the lows to which it has sunk, there is need for the government to marshal efforts and resources towards infrastructural development.

As the socio-political crisis has rocked the nation –– for the past 10 years –– little was done to build or even refurbish the road and rail networks, buildings and telecommunications infrastructure.
As a result Zimbabwe is lagging behind –– even in the region –– particularly in the telecommunications sector and therefore needs to institute policies and frameworks that fast track infrastructure development.
It is not enough for the government to be vocal about infrastructure development without any tangible and visible accomplishments since the consummation of the Global Political Agreement (GPA).
We are sick and tired of talk shops and conferences that continue to be convened by government ministries without any visible developments on the ground.
All government ministries must use various means and devices to implement that which they have articulated to achieve in the 100 Day Plan and not give us excuses about lack of funds as reasons for their failure to carry them out.


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