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Zanu PF not Sincere About Constitution

ZANU PF is comfortable with the current constitution hence for them there is apparently no need to craft another one.

A new one is most likely to dilute the powers of their leader and lessen his capability to manipulate the systems of governance in the country. The new people-driven constitution will see their party crumble as their leader is the epicentre of power, hence his decline is likely to bring the party to its knees.

As a result they are not ready to hand over power for the simple reason that they took a leading role in liberating Zimbabwe from colonial bondage, as expressed through their song and dance. They emphasised that Zimbabwe came as a result of blood and accused those against them of wishing to sell this country and therefore deserve to be killed.
They are also not repentant for the butchering of innocent Zimbabweans in the run-up to the June 27 presidential run-off elections. Whilst the nation is formulating how best to carry out the national healing process they are doing nothing except to open more wounds and even boasting of being masters of violence.
Their actions show that they have no respect for the Global Political Agreement despite the fact that it’s the one which gave legitimacy to the president of their party Robert Mugabe.
The “public” media is still dominated by Zanu PF as evidenced by false claims on national television that members of the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU), National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) and Zimbabwe National Students Union (Zinasu) disrupted the conference. This defies logic considering that the group which disrupted the conference were well known Zanu PF offcials. Unless these officials have joined any of the accused organisations state- controlled media journalists need to revisit their modules on journalism ethics.
Zanu PF wanted the conference to be a rally where politicians were going to take turns lecturing on how they want the constitution-making process to be conducted. The role of the delegates would then be to listen and endorse through various means which include clapping and whistling.
The sentiments by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai that we are now in a new dispensation where democracy, tolerance and unity are gathering momentum are contrary to reality, given this sad incident.  It is also mind-boggling as to whether people of Zimbabwe will be free to express their views having witnessed chaos and anarchy which prevailed at the HICC.

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