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THE new constitution should limit the president’s tenure to two five-year terms. He should not make such decisions as sending soldiers to war without consulting cabinet.
Ramabulana T, RSA.

JUST as we have a minimum age limit for the office of the president which is 40 years let’s have a maximum limit of 70 years. That way we will be able to save the country from being led by immature people and also those who are over the hill.
Cde Tasangana.

THE Kariba draft is boat-driven rather than people-driven and an affront to people’s liberties.
Damba, Mutare.

WILL there be a job for Lovemore Madhuku after the writing of a new constitution? Will donor funds continue to flow into NCA? Maybe these are tough questions which Madhuku is trying to avoid thus advocating for another No vote. I don’t think this time it’s going to be like what happened in 2000. New ways have to be put in place to circumvent the tricks of politicians so as to write the people’s constitution. That is where your expertise is needed Madhuku and company.  

THE world over people are talking about recessions but we in Zimbabwe have had ours for the past 10 years. At least it seems we are now on a recovery path.

ARTHUR Mutambara is realising that his party is slowly disintegrating. Many of his utterances in support of Robert Mugabe are meant to curry favour with Zanu PF. He will definitely join Mugabe’s party in the future.
Chibox, Marondera.

IF the ministers involved in the rhino horn trade were from the MDC-T they would have been tried, convicted, sentenced and jailed with no option of an appeal or fine.
Zwai, Masvingo.

WILL someone please tell Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF that they are clinging to a sinking ship that is not anchored to anything? The ship is sinking –– never to be raised again.

DEVOTION to Zanu PF at this stage and hoping for its political resurrection is not only delusional but self-deceiving.
Berube, Chimanimani.

THE government should pay proper salaries. Pretending to pay will lead workers to pretend to work.
Berobe Dindix, Chimanimani.
WHY should we talk about national healing when MDC MPs are being incarcerated? It seems that Morgan Tsvangirai cares more about Robert Mugabe than his supporters.

THE ICC is now investigating post-election violence in Kenya, war crimes in Somalia and has already indicted several high profile individuals in Sudan. Will someone please get them to investigate violence, murder and rape before the June 27 election and Operation Murambatsvina. All these constitute crimes against humanity.

WHAT is Stan Mudenge doing masquerading as a Higher Eduction minister when he cannot reopen UZ? He should just resign!
Wezhira, Masvingo.

OUR leaders are profoundly myopic as evidenced by their not putting the reopening of the UZ on the agenda. How are we going to reverse the economic slide without skilled labour? Let’s have foresight please.

THE issue of incentives for teachers is more about the child than the teacher. If teachers are hungry they will not work and then who suffers?
Mai Zimba.

HOW can Lucia Matibenga be made governor for Masvingo province when a portion of Kuwadzana extension –– in her constituency –– has been without electricity for quite some time now. MDC-T must wake up and smell the coffee.
Gochai Henyu.

A PROMISE brings comfort to a fool. Civil servants should not dwell on Morgan Tsvangirai’s empty promises because one day they will sleep on empty stomachs. US$100 is being swallowed by bills.

I WANT to thank ZTV for continuing to show us images of the atrocities committed by the Ian Smith regime. They should also show us images of the Gukurahundi massacres and last year’s election violence.

WHY is it that all live soccer matches on ZTV seem to be Dynamos matches? It’s an 18 team league and all teams need to be shown to the nation. Currently the league is more of social competition with no sponsor and biased officiating.

WHEN are the “new” programmes ZTV is allegedly screening shown. All I see are the 1980s repeats.

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