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Cutting Power Takes Nation Backwards

REPORTS that Zesa has been given the go-ahead to cut off power to those who fail to pay show how much out of touch our so-called unity government is with its electorate.

I would happily pay my Zesa bill or any other of the utilities if I had received a salary.  

Since February I have received an allowance of US$100 per month, which has barely managed to keep my family fed and clothed.

We have no medical aid, no insurance and have not managed to pay last term’s or this term’s outrageous school fees.

We already live in abject poverty and now they want to cut off the electricity –– which will be followed rapidly, mark my words, by water and telephones.

Can I remind the minister who has given this go ahead and who more than likely gets all the above mentioned facilities free, that our money is still there in the banks –– just a number on a ledger –– because the government scrapped the Zimbabwean dollar.  

I did not see any directive from the government to convert all our banked money into a useable currency.
All our hard earned savings were just scrapped by a stroke of a government pen.  

 Can I also remind the minister that most businesses had to start with a nil balance in February and some sectors are only now starting to recover and make some money and starting to pay their staff.

Have the people of this country not been through enough in the past two to three years without the government sanctioning further misery and distress.  

Zesa’s woes are as a result of their inefficiency. Surely we should not be made to suffer some more because putting us in the cold and dark will not help this country recover any time soon.

Alan Watkins,

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