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HAPPISON Muchechetere and ZBH need to be reminded that it is the duty of a supplier of a product to add value to it and the preserve of the consumer to buy a product of their choice.
Agripa Ngwazi.

SOLDIERS, teachers, nurses, members of the police force and other hard-working public service workers are not being properly rewarded for their efforts.
Max, Bulawayo.

ARE Stan Mudenge and the government aware that students at Nust who have not paid fees of US$400 or more are being chased out of lectures?
Razman, Kilarney.

OUR failure as a nation to think outside the box is a serious drawback in our quest to develop ourselves and sweet fodder for our politicians who have grown rich from our misery.

UNTIL full democracy is restored in Zimbabwe, the US and EU must not remove the sanctions because the reason for their imposition has not been removed.

They are not illegal as Zanu PF wants us to believe.  Morgan Tsvangirai and Tendai Biti must not backtrack to save a fragile unity government.
Patriotic, Nyanga North.

I THINK it is right for the West to remove economic sanctions against Zimbabwe. But let those targeted for their support of Robert Mugabe remain on them.We are suffering because of these heartless people.

WEBSTER Shamu must be reminded that Morgan Tsvangirai did not need ZBH coverage in order to garner more votes than Robert Mugabe in March 2008. A repeat of this scenario is inevitable after the new constitution even if ZBH does not cover Tsvangirai.

MORGAN Tsvangirai reminds me of the late Father Zimbabwe, Umdala wethu Joshua Nkomo. He is a true champion of democracy, the people’s choice! He is the first to outpoll Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe since Independence.

Here in Lupane some people have since abandoned calling him Tsvangirai and given him a Ndebele name, Thabisile, meaning “made us happy”.

TARGETED sanctions helped bring Robert Mugabe to the negotiating table. He would not have cared otherwise about things getting better in Zimbabwe.

IT seems as if Gideon Gono doesn’t understand the art of economics. He is defending the printing of worthless pieces of paper as the best thing to do to save this nation from total collapse.

But economics tells us that if you print money without creating the value you end up fuelling inflation. Despite this warning, Gono continued printing money. Read your economics Gono.

AT least this time around Gideon Gono has not splashed out scarce taxpayers money on yet another expensive, self praising, 20 page colour supplement. However his letter to Morgan Tsvangirai shows an incredible lack of maturity.

In order to survive most Zimbabwean companies that are still around violated exchange control regulations and the lucky ones with his blessings. After all, by his own admission, desperate times required desperate measures and we should let bygones be bygones.

What Gono should really be asking himself is whether our country would be a better place without him at the RBZ in this new dispensation. The answer is a resounding yes! It is important to know when to go. Unless, of course he has something to hide.
Company Executive.

GIDEON Gono is part of the problem and that is why Tendai Biti wants him to go. Robert Mugabe too was part of the problem but as the prime minister said he is now part of the solution. Why not let Gono stay and be part of the solution like Mugabe?
Thabane, Bulawayo.

HOW can Gideon Gono claim that he saved the country when in actual fact the country –– except Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF –– is worse off today than it ever was? The job of a governor is to ensure price stability.

How can this man claim to have acted competently after he debauched the Zim dollar to the point of extinction and managed to fuel the most rampant inflation in the world?

In a nutshell, Gono did all these heinous things to save Mugabe and Zanu PF, at the expense of the people of Zimbabwe.

I THINK bothering ourselves with Gideon Gono is a monumental waste of time.

Now that the country has managed to sideline him somewhat let’s apply our minds to undoing his ruinous legacy.

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