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Tsvangirai is Better

I FIND it very puzzling that former Information minister Jonathan Moyo has taken it upon himself to criticise every decision that the inclusive government makes.

I acknowledge the fact that the inclusive government is not working in the manner we expected and that its shortcomings must be criticised. However, to see a man who has the capability of making a positive difference only looking for another negative story to write is a cause for concern.

Moyo had his turn in the government. And whilst he was in it he helped in the promulgation of repressive laws that took away a lot of our civil liberties. Yet there are some people who –– under very difficult circumstances –– are making a difference even though their educational capabilities are not as sound as Moyo’s.

All I read in Moyo’s articles is unconstructive criticism after criticism. But for a man of his stature, education and position he should be more constructive rather than write vituperative articles in newspapers most of which he would have banned in his heyday. The situation in Zimbabwe is worrisome to every patriotic Zimbabwean but those with the opportunity to be useful should make use of it rather than waiting for others to make mistakes whilst trying to make a difference.

The unity government was always going to face problems –– major or minor –– but the fact that some people like Morgan Tsvangirai have gotten to this stage is an indication that they are trying to bring dignity back to the people of Zimbabwe, some of which Moyo himself helped remove.

Moyo is used to getting his way even when he is wrong. He cannot take criticism and that is why he threatened all the newspapers that had a different opinion to his which he now uses as his loud-speakers.

Prime Minister Tsvangirai is not the most educated man in Zimbabwe nor is he the most intelligent but his efforts should be commended. Few are prepared to travel along the road he walked. I salute his desire to make a positive change.

Stanley Makuwe,

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