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WHETHER its Zanu PF, Mavambo, MDC-T or MDC if there is one person I will never trust, it’s a politician.
Observer, Harare.

ONE of the reasons why the changes the inclusive government has made are small is because of the repressive laws Jonathan Moyo helped craft whilst in government. Moyo should stop fussing about 100-day timelines. He should help dismantle Aippa and other inhuman laws.

JONATHAN Moyo should not forget that he was the brains behind Aippa. Dozens of journalists lost their jobs when various publications were closed. When he claims that the GNU has done nothing up to now he should not forget that some of the things that the GNU must correct were instigated by him.

WHEN he was in the Robert Mugabe–led government Jonathan Moyo did not entertain any criticism whatsoever. Why does he think that he now has the right to lambast those in government? He contributed to the problems Zimbabwe currently faces. He was one of those arrogant people who thought that change would never come. We will never view him as a patriotic citizen of Zimbabwe because he is a chameleon.

JONATHAN Moyo’s obsession with criticising the GNU is based on the fact that he has suddenly realised that it is sidelining the Zanu PF faction. Moyo and his cohorts are now powerless and are staring their journey into oblivion with great fear and trepidation. He can continue with his unintelligent criticisms but it does not require a rocket scientist to realise that he is no longer taken seriously by anyone.
Thuthuka Moyo.

I AGREE with all the sentiments of disgust and condemnation for the “partisan police force elements” operating in Zimbabwe. However, I feel Minister Giles Mutsekwa should also direct the same amount of disgust –– if not more –– towards the elements within his ministry that allow these “partisan police force elements” to carry out their despicable acts.
Big Fish.

TO Giles Mutsekwa I say please don’t let us down. We expect more from you in your capacity as Minister of Home Affairs. Don’t allow yourself to be harassed like this.

ZIMBABWE must move forward!


IT is all very well for the Home Affairs minister Giles Mutsekwa to shunt the blame on others and express disgust about miscarriage of justice by his officers. But the buck stops with him and he must act in a manner that shows the nation he is really “disgusted”.

I AM glad that South Africa has done away with visas. The other Sadc countries should also show commitment to the people of Zimbabwe by doing the same.
Tembo S, Bulawayo.

WE need proportional representation and the bill of rights included in the new constitution.
Gedleyihlekisa kaGatsheni.

IT’S either we have MDC in power or Zanu PF in power, there is no such thing as GNU. Those are lies, pure lies.

I AM dismayed by the GNU’s misconception that people who live in low density areas have more money than those from high density areas. People in the informal economy mostly come from high density whilst low density areas are populated by senior civil servants, pensioners and formal employees most of whom are given the same paltry US$100 allowance. So stop discriminating!
Enough Already.

I AM a bit confused here! Who sets Zesa tariffs? Is it Elias Mudzuri, Zesa or market forces?
Economist, Harare.

WE appreciate minister Elias Mudzuri stepping in to try and sort out Zesa tariffs but where does someone earning US$100 per month find US$30 for electricity?

AFTER giving civil servants an allowance of US$100, the government has –– through various institutions –– demanded more from us. They want US$500 at state universities, US$50 for Zesa and Zinwa and thousands for TelOne and NetOne bills. This is before we get to the city council’s rates. There are so many more exorbitant charges we are being told to pay and yet they tell teachers to be “realistic” when they demand US$1 500. MDC must watch out.
Razman, Nust.

HOW can NetOne keep our  SMS messages for three to five days before delivering them to our phones? I am beginning to suspect that our messages are being read and the possibility that we do not get all of them is very high.

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