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It’s a Weird World

EXAM THEFT: A Chinese police official has been arrested for stealing another girl’s exam results and passing it off as his daughter’s to ensure her a place in college, a newspaper said on Wednesday.

Competition for college places is fierce in China where stories of cheating surface every year. Students pay for leaked exam papers, smuggle in mobile phones and electronic dictionaries, or pay others to take the exam for them. –– Reuters.

DEBAUCHED DAD: A man who tried to hire a prostitute to take his 14-year-old son’s virginity as a present was spared jail by a court.
The Polish national took the boy out in his car and allowed him to pick out the prostitute, who was standing at the side of the road in the red-light district of Nottingham.
But the 42-year-old father was arrested because the teenager had chosen an undercover police officer, Nottingham Crown Court heard. –– Reuters.

PENNILESS AMBITION: A Northumberland millionaire is selling his £16 million country house hotel and is to donate the entire proceeds to a cancer charity after his wife survived the illness.
Brian Burnie bought Doxford Hall Hotel, in Chathill near Alnwick, in 1993 and has turned it into one of the North East’s most exclusive retreats.
Now, just weeks from his 65th birthday, he plans to sell off the hotel and spa and its 10-acre estate and give the profits to charity, reports the Daily Telegraph.
“My ambition is to die penniless. We come into this world with nothing and we should leave with nothing,” he said. –– Ananova.

PURR-FECT CAT: A London couple travelled nearly 6 000km to the US state of Michigan to adopt a cat.
Rose and Chris Rasmussen flew to Harrison to adopt Sparky the cat from the Clare County animal shelter, reports the Daily Telegraph.
They could have had him shipped to the London suburb where they live, but instead decided to make the journey to adopt their new pet. –– Ananova.

POOR  TABLE  MANNERS: An Ohio man who argued with his grown son over a messy bedroom said he overreacted when he called 911. Andrew Mizsak called authorities last Thursday after his 28-year-old son — who’s a school board member in the Cleveland suburb of Bedford — threw a plate of food across the kitchen table and made a fist at him when told to clean his room.
 The father declined to press charges and told police he doesn’t want to ruin his son’s political career. –– Sfgate.

BANANAS: A US teenager tried to rob an internet cafe with a banana — then ate the “weapon” before he was arrested.
Police say John Szwalla entered the shop in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, with the banana concealed under his T-shirt and demanded money, reports the BBC.
The shop’s owner and customers overcame the thief and called for help, but the teenager ate his banana before police arrived. –– Ananova.

PUTRID: An office worker cleaning a fridge full of rotten food created a smell so noxious that it sent seven co-workers to the hospital and made many others ill.
Firefighters had to evacuate the AT&T building in downtown San José on Tuesday after the fumes led someone to call 911. A hazardous materials team was called in.
What crews found was an unplugged refrigerator crammed with mouldy food.
The mixture of old lunches and disinfectant caused 28 people to need treatment for vomiting and nausea. — Msnbc.

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