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ZC Needs Govt Supervision

UNLIKE other sporting disciplines like soccer where government interference is not tolerated, in cricket the Ministry of Sport –– on behalf of government –– is responsible for checks and balances of the game.

They usually set up boards of inquiry to probe whatever would be the problem bedeviling the game of cricket.  The board of inquiry will make a recommendation to the Ministry of Sport. This kind of arrangement is prevalent in the Indian sub-continent.

Whenever there is a probe heads will definitely roll especially if it causes an embarrassment to the game. Following Pakistan’s humiliating exit at the 2007 World Cup there was a commission of inquiry to find out the causes of the team’s dismal performance.

Almost all of the members of Pakistan’s cricket board quit and a host of players went into retirement.
In the other cricket playing nations the media play a pivotal role in exposing maladministration by cricket administrators.

Zimbabwe Cricket (ZC) has for the past 10 years been through a number of problems. Players, coaches and some administrators have come and gone.

From Dave Ellman-Brown, Neil Johnson, Dave Houghton, Phil Simons to Brendon Taylor they all left and contributed their talents elsewhere.

Nobody from the Ministry of Sport bothered to ascertain the causes which led to the resignation of such cricketers as Murray Godwin and Neil Johnson. So many cricketers and officials were sidelined and the final blow came in April 2004 when 15 senior players rebelled against ZC.

Our domestic league used to be strong and our junior development programmes were very sound but now everything is in a messy state and nobody seems to care.

Government should scrutinise the decisions that are made by ZC to ensure that they are in the best interest of the game. This is because I believe that the decisions they make are influenced mainly by personal ambitions.

I am of the view that some people at ZC are motivated by grants and money made from TV rights to remain as administrators.

Until there is a strong and impartial monitoring of cricket by government the problem will continue and in the near future there will be no cricket to talk about in Zimbabwe. Like they say it’s easy to destroy than construct.  

Concerned Fan,

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