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CONGRATULATIONS Monomutapa Football Club for getting to the league phase of the champions league. It is a major success and now is the time to prove to the continent that we have what it takes. You are the true warriors! I say well done to the players and the technical team.
Enos “Mutape” Chikukwa.

THE President and Prime Minister should resolve the outstanding issues in the inclusive government quickly, especially issues of governors and permanent secretaries to instill a measure of confidence in the unity government.
TSM, Mutare.

OUTSTANDING GPA issues are still to be addressed and we have an increasingly flawed constitutional process. I bet my last dollar that the GNU’s lifespan will be increased.

SAYING that Robert Mugabe is being held to ransom by the service chiefs is the same as saying that a ventriloquist is a slave of his puppet collection.

WITH the horrendous abuse of human rights by unreformed state institutions continuing, no foreign aid will ever come our way.

CAN someone explain to me how the title “comrade” is earned? Is it given to ex-combatants or is a political party title?
Tendai, Mutare.

IT seems that Dumiso Dabengwa’s “bull” has gone into hiding. What are the latest developments?
Time conscious, Bulawayo.

DUMISO Dabengwa must come out of the silence.
Obsever, Bulawayo.

WELSHMAN Ncube should get industry to start kicking because the former “high rate” dealers are now indulging in criminal activities.
Sekuru JB.

JACOB Zuma must be left to sing his song. He is a natural politician with mass appeal. His detractors should tell us how well the non-dancing leaders have done!
Ngwenya, Bulawayo.

I HOPE that local film actors learnt something from the Nigerian actress Patience “Mai Azuka” Ozokwor who toured our nation. Let’s have something from our actors now.  The Nigerians have had to come to show their expertise whilst we continue to play second fiddle. What a pity!
Enos Chikukwa.


ONE has to be blessed with a keen sense of humour to understand Eric Bloch and Dusty Miller’s columns. Bloch gives us a lighter side to the horrible economic situation whilst Miller’s articles are hilarious. I would not miss them for anything! Tough luck to anyone who cannot see such witty humour.
Joannah K.

ANYBODY who has driven a car in Harare will attest to the terrible driving of commuter omnibus drivers. Their aggressive attitude towards other road users is totally contemptible. What is it about these drivers that even the ZRP or the municipal police idly watch whilst the law is broken?

I IMPORT motor parts and accessories and am distraught by the custom duties we are being charged at the border. To Tendai Biti I say 40-65% duty in hard currency is too much. It results in the inflation of the prices of the spares. Zimra ends up making more money than all of us!
Rip off.

THE Zimbabwean government denied us foreigners travelling documents and our home countries are also doing the same. Where do we Zambians stand?
Taurai Tembo, Bulawayo.

I HEARD that George Chiweshe went to South Africa as an election observer. I hope he learnt that you don’t wait for a month to release results.

GIDEON Gono admitted that he stole money from corporate foreign currency accounts. He should be arrested for theft or should just resign.
I Sibanda, Harare.

IT’S amazing how Gideon Gono can borrow billions whilst the Finance minister is begging for US$ 8 billion for the country’s recovery plan. Gono should pay back part of the loan so that the minister will start the recovery plan. Please Gono have the nation at heart.

WHEN we told Gideon Gono and Obert Mpofu that the price controls do not work they jailed us. Now they and their task force must be jailed for what they did to us.

SOLUSI University should be realistic with their fee structure and review them. No one is getting paid as much as they are demanding. Please have mercy on us.
Ross Madhumbeni.

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