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Governors Must Reflect People’s will

HARARE Metropolitan Governor and Resident Minister David Karimanzira has been extensively quoted in both the electronic and state print media promising peri-urban farmers seed under Operation Maguta and farm implements under the Reserve Bank Farm Mechanisation Programme.

Karimanzira has been urging peri-urban farmers to provide food security to the nation and thus avoid importing food. He praised peri-urban farmers and told them that they have a role to play in Zimbabwe’s economic turnaround programme and thus justify the land reform programme.

I have been a resident of Harare for the past three decades paying rates, water and bin collection charges faithfully.

However, I have been disappointed by service delivery in the past decade when the long serving Minister of Local Government Ignatious Chombo has interfered with the running of local authorities by appointing politically connected people to run our local councils.

The results have been a disaster which is there even for the blind to see. The appointment of governors has not added any value to our bankrupt local and rural authorities.

The Global Political Agreement is a way forward for Zimbabwe. Metropolitan governors must reflect the outcome of the March 29, 2008 elections.

It is an insult to me and the majority of Zimbabweans that Karimanzira and some of his colleagues continue to masquerade as our representatives  when they lost that mandate in March 2008.  I appeal to Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai to quickly address these anomalies.

Lovemore Kadenge,

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