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Setting the Record Straight

AT the swearing in ceremony of the Prime Minister and his deputies on February 11 2009, Dr Nolbert Kunonga was referred in the media as “Bishop Kunonga of the Anglican Church”.

This is incorrect, and we have since received some complaints questioning the above mentioned statement.

The purpose of this letter is to set the record straight and to ensure our Anglican members and the public at large that Dr Kunonga is no longer an Anglican.

After he withdrew from the church of the province of Central Africa in September 2007 and formed his own church, he, ipso facto, cut all relations with the Anglican Diocese of Harare and therefore with the church province of Central Africa and is no longer a Bishop of the Anglican Church.

Subsequently in May 2008 Dr Kunonga was excommunicated from the Anglican Church which means that he is no longer recognised as an Anglican (not just an Anglican Bishop) anywhere in the world.

We trust that this clarification will assist the media in future.

Dr S Bakare,
Bishop of the Diocese of Harare (CPCA)   

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