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Ideas Sure to Impress her on Valentine’s Day

A DANGEROUS day is coming for men in a relationship: February 14.

Yes, it’s the day when a woman wants her man to shed his rough edges and turn into a modern Casanova. If you tell your favourite woman you love her every day, and you’ve been a romantic partner all year, kudos. The pressure to wow her is off come February 14, and you likely have a long and healthy relationship ahead.

But let’s face it, a lot of guys only resort to romance when required to get some lovin’. And if romance is usually a foreign concept, you’ll need to show up big-time on V-Day. I have a plan to legitimately trump V-Day pressure. All you need to do is plan something sweet for her before Saturday.

Here are some ideas to show her you’re a romantic after all:

* Do something she wants to do for the day, the whole day. Especially if you’re the type that works too much or never spends enough time with her and she has been telling you so. Even if it’s not on
a week-end and you can’t possibly take the day off, let her pick the Saturday or Sunday. Make her feel like she is special and this whole day is hers and yours together doing what she enjoys doing.

* If you’re handy in the kitchen, cook up a romantically themed meal you know she’ll love. Think heart-shaped vegetables around her favourite main dish, and a heart-shaped dessert.

* Another classic option is to take her out for some fine dining. Then cosy up on your couch and submit to a chick flick without mocking the sappy parts. Painful, I know, but she’ll love it.

* Make her a gift basket or box, fill it with all her favorite things and add some extras you think she’ll enjoy like chocolate, candies, a book anything she will love you for. Put in some keep sakes from your special times of the two of you together, write her a poem or both. Be sure to decorate it in her favorite colors , there are a lot of things you can use for this, a towel sprayed with your cologne, wrapping paper, be imaginative.

* Book a night’s stay at a charming hotel or inn to exchange your routine surroundings with a romantic setting. Some places even offer special rates around Valentine’s Day.

* Treat her to a massage or esthetic treatment at a spa. If you want to massage her yourself, start off with a hot bath in a tub you’ve filled with rose petals and lined with candles. Then she’ll feel clean and blissful before you’ve even begun. Use a massage oil with lavender and rose scent as you knead her knots and stresses into oblivion.

* Take her to a show. Search the concert and play listings coming to town over the next few months and buy her two tickets you can give her in a card with a romantic note.

Whatever you do, make sure you tailor your plan to show her you get what makes her happy. If you haven’t been together long or you’re not very attentive, call a few of her friends.

And if your Valentine’s Day plans don’t rock her world this time around, don’t give up. Just make it the start of a romantic habit. Start taking her on regular dates that don’t revolve around pizza and an action flick.

Find out what activities you both enjoy, then plan to mix them into date nights. And surprise her every once in a while with a special night or outing you know will make her week.

Remember, dates don’t have to break the bank. And if you share your finances as a couple, make sure she’s OK with any big-ticket dates before shelling out the family dough on them.

With practice, you’ll become the Casanova she’s been dreaming about. Then every day will be Valentine’s Day for her, and you can stop sweating February 14. –– Calgary Herald.

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