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Zanu PF has to be Sincere

WHILST I agree with Ndabezinhle Mkwananzi’s article Last Thing Zimbabwe Needs is GNU, Regime Change (Zimbabwe Independent January 30 to February 5), that the best way forward for Zimbabwe is a transitional government, not a GNU,  one however wonders which world he lives in when arriving at the wild claims he passes for facts.

His claim that Robert Mugabe has strong support in Zimbabwe is a notable example.  He states that it is false “that the people of present day Zimbabwe no longer want Mugabe”. According to him most Shona people still want him.  

I can confidently state that the majority of the people that show support for Mugabe are prompted by fear or patronage and not respect for the man. 

In recent months I have not come across one person who is not prepared to continue the suffering to see Mugabe and his henchmen evicted from power. On the other hand he states it as fact that many Shona people despise Morgan Tsvangirai.  “They see him as a sell-out” he adds. 

I do not interact with Zanu PF officials but of late I have not come across one Shona person who does not want Tsvangirai to be our president and lead us out of this mess. 

Even during the last parliamentary elections in the farthest reaches of Mashonaland it was only a handful of “war veterans” who acted as if they were truly against him — probably because they had been paid.  

At the rallies I attended the people showed their love for the man, and this was translated into votes for him in the March 2008 elections. 

Those that voted for Mugabe did so largely because of the threats of violence after the election if they did not vote for Zanu PF.

Subsequent Tsvangirai rallies were attended by thousands of supporters, both Shona and Ndebele, even in their “stronghold” of Bulawayo, whilst the Arthur Mutambara led MDC could only manage a few hundred at most.  

The generality of the electorate appreciate Tsvangirai for his unpretentious, cheerful and open nature which is in stark contrast to the arrogance of Zanu PF politicians.

Mugabe’s and Zanu PF’s last chance to redeem themselves and regain respect is to show their willingness to embrace the MDC and ensure that the GNU works for the benefit of the people of Zimbabwe, and not just themselves. 

They also need to show remorse for the suffering they have inflicted on the people, especially MDC activists, over the years. 

If they are not prepared to do this as a party then they may be able to exonerate themselves by doing it individually and distancing themselves from the party hardliners. 

As stated above, if they are not prepared to co-operate, and carry on in their arrogant manner, the electorate, in the main, appears to be ready to continue their long drawn out suffering to see the perpetrators of their hardships see justice in the filth of our prisons.

So it is up to Zanu PF and not the MDC to make the GNU work.

A McCormick,

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