Sanctions are Real

I HAVE found that there are a lot foreign scribes who are peddling half truths and outright lies and I have decided to take it upon myself to confront those lies about my country.

May I refer to the US Senate Act that was signed into law by George W Bush on December 21 2001.

Section 4 (b)(2)(B) reads as follows “(B) direct the United States executive director of each international financial institution to which the United States is a member to propose to undertake financial and technical support for Zimbabwe, especially support that is intended to promote Zimbabwe’s economic recovery and development, the stabilisation of the Zimbabwean dollar, and the viability of Zimbabwe’s democratic institutions.”

Section 4 (b)(c) reads and I quote again “(c) Until the President makes the certification described in subsection (d), and except as may be required to meet basic human needs or for good governance, the Secretary of the Treasury shall instruct the United States executive director to each international financial institution to oppose and vote against—

(1) any extension by the respective institution of any loan, credit, or guarantee to the Government of Zimbabwe; or

(2) any cancellation or reduction of indebtedness owed by the Government of Zimbabwe to the United States or any international financial institution.”

 These two sections clearly show that there was and still is an imposition of country-specific economic sanctions on the country of Zimbabwe as represented by the sitting Zimbabwean government, however elected.  It is a fact therefore that the Americans slapped the whole country with economic sanctions.   
Gabriel Chipara,