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Greek play set for Zimbabwe

DEVELOPING Artists, an organization that has its roots in the UK and tries to tap creative talent in developing countries, comes to Zimbabwe to produce a play by the popular Greek writer Sophocles.

Oedipus, written almost 2 500 years ago in 429BC, tells the story of a young boy that is dumped in the mountains and is picked up by people from another kingdom. As he grows up he is not aware of where he comes from.

In the kingdom where he originates his father is king, the people are suffering but he refuses to leave the throne. A prophecy from the ancestors tells the people that for the terrible suffering to end the king must leave his throne.

Oedipus comes to this kingdom; he kills his father and marries his own mother unintentionally as he does not know her.

The producer of the play Blessing Hungwe says although the play was written so long ago in a foreign land it has some relevance to the Zimbabwean situation.

“It is similar to the situation that we have in Zimbabwe, and so in a way the audience will relate to the play. … People now believe that if people who are in power step down things will get back to normal in the country.”      

Developing artists is a charity that supports and trains artists in developing countries and will produce the play in Chitungwiza. It will later be presented at Hifa.


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