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We Alone are the Solution

CURRENTLY the debate on the Zimbabwe crisis is centred around Sadc, AU and Thabo Mbeki being inefficient, unhelpful or pliant to Robert Mugabe and people calling at some point for the AU, UN and a new mediator to take the quest for the resolution of the Zimbabwe crisis forward.

On various fora, oral or written and through various news outlet channels there are several statements calling on Sadc, AU, Kgalema Motlanthe or someone to put more muscle, to have more teeth and to be more robust in trying to unlock the political logjam.

In frustration we have called Sadc and AU toothless, hopeless and a huge let down yet in the same vein we then ask Sadc or the AU to come up with a better strategy in the next attempt. Every time this does not happen we curse, rant, swear and wait for another summit.

For me I think there is nothing that they can do to force Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai to work together if these two are not committed to working together. Even if Sadc has a summit on Zimbabwe each week it will not help our cause unless these two leaders agree to work together in some way. At the moment they have not as yet found each other and they are busy drifting far apart as each day passes yet they have been negotiating amongst themselves for over two years now.

These two men should do some soul-searching on their own and decide whether they want to work together in some way or just forget about it and fight their own battles elsewhere on another platform.

We are tired of hearing the “we are committed to the GNU” mantra because if there was enough commitment there should be some convergence of some sort. There is no point in going to these summits when you know you have not moved an inch from your old position and expect only one person to move while you continue digging in. If there was enough political will and commitment from both sides by now we would have a government in place.


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