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WHERE is African leadership when Zimbabweans are dying of curable diseases, hunger and violence perpetrated by Zanu PF?

Zanu PF lost last March’s elections and yet they are clinging to power –– where are the African leaders then? Analysts talk about the effect of sanctions on the economy but leave out the effects of a corrupt government on the welfare of its citizens. Zimbabwe is in this state because of misguided policies and corruption.


AFRICAN “brotherhood and solidarity” has been of no help to us Zimbabweans. The likes of Thabo Mbeki along with Robert Mugabe are responsible for the mess we find ourselves in. Were it not for pressure from the West these power sharing talks would not be happening and all our African “brothers” would be doing is shielding Mugabe from being chastised at the UN and AU.

THE little foreign currency Zimbabweans had saved as a hedge against inflation is being gobbled by these foreign currency shops whilst they are unable to access their hard earned but now useless Zimbabwean dollars.

WHEN Gideon Gono came onto the scene he boldly stated that failure was not an option. I wonder how he classifies his tenure at the RBZ which is an unmitigated disaster. When he accepted reappointment for another term we all knew it had nothing to do with his professional qualities and abilities but his
pliability to Robert Mugabe’s demands.

Please bring back Sudoku now? This is getting frustrating.
Diva Dollar.

I THINK that in the previous academic year students did not learn anything. They should just repeat.

THE issue of the late release of last year’s school examination results is just an excuse for not opening schools because there are no teachers to teach even those students that did not write any examinations. Opening the schools without the teachers is just wasting money unless we want to just send our kids away.
Concerned Parent.

I FAIL to understand why all schoolchildren have been stopped from going to school, when it is only last year’s Grade 7’s, O’level and A’level students who are need results to be able to go to the next level. Surely the rest of the students can continue with school.

I BELIEVE that the MDC cannot allow being made a junior partner in this power sharing arrangement. If Robert Mugabe does not want to let go of some strategic posts — in which he has failed — then let him form his government. Let him sort out the mess that he has caused himself.

INSTEAD of coming up with suggestions of strategies to kick out Zanu PF by these analysts and commentators all we hear is condemnation of MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai. Did he vote for himself or was he not voted for by the majority of Zimbabweans?

IT’S scary to imagine that Zimbabwe now wants to use the US dollar and South African rand when production in farms and industry is almost at zero percent! Our country needs fresh minds at the helm and also people with humility. The current crop of leaders is too arrogant to make any meaningful change for the people of Zimbabwe. We are drowning in sewage and they refuse to acknowledge this.

We need change in Zimbabwe now!

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