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THEY shouted about “Operation Maguta” and produced famine; they propounded indigenisation and promotion of small scale businesses but ended up demolishing the indigenous people’s homes and workshops. What happened to their “health, education and housing for all” slogans? Let alone the “people’s” shops, single digit inflation and Bacossi?-Not Impressed, Harare.

IT’S time to stop all the shady deals we involve ourselves in as a nation. The country we are destroying is ours –– what future are we building? Shame on us!– Patriot.

THANK you Editor for creating room for us to pour our hearts out.- Meekland, Bulawayo.

JORAM Nyathi’s articles are insulting to our intelligence. He should just go to Zimpapers publications where his views are welcome. -Nauseated.

AS a people I think we have relied on unreliable people and institutions. It’s high time we give God a chance.- George, Alex Park.     

WHERE are the June 2008 and grade seven examination results? I doubt if our education system is still in the top 20 in Africa. With the Zanu PF regime’s policies it is more of a case of one step forward and five steps backwards!!-Cyclone, Gutu.

THANKS to the dollarisation of the economy, Zimbabwe is effectively a colony again.-Observer.

GIDEON Gono’s “PhD” from the Atlantic International University has qualified him to be the country’s minister of hunger and economic retardation.-Mutemachani wepaChivhu.

ECONET’S move to charge their lines in foreign currency is a good move because it means that lines will be available on the formal market in abundance thereby paralysing the black market.-Economist, Harare.

RESTAURANTS should display the source of the water used on their premises. -Jake, Harare.

IT is so pathetic to watch people like Tafataona Mahoso passionately trying to defend an expired and failed regime that has no solutions to the crisis we are in as the people who continue to suffer and perish.-LSJ, Harare.

IF the Zimbabwean political dispute centres around the presidential elections, how is another round of harmonised elections going to rectify it?-Puzzled.

I WISH PF Zapu a successful return to the political scene. It would be good for this country’s democracy if another strong opposition party were to enter the fray. I advise them to emulate what Mosiuoa Lekota and the Congress Of the People (Cope) have managed to do by engaging different parties and canvassing their support so as to challenge the dictatorship of Zanu PF and also to give the MDC a good run for their
money. We definitely need an alternative.-Political Analyst.

IF Robert Mugabe actually won a credible election with a resounding margin, how can he be geared up for another poll before the expiry of his five-year term? This great nation of ours is being held to ransom by one person.-Shungwasha.

ROBERT Mugabe wanted to hear the West’s verdict on the Ghanaian presidential elections since in the first round there was no outright winner. What he conveniently forgets is that there was no violence and Ghanaians did not wait for a whole month to get results. -RG.

ROBERT Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai should consider the plight of the people whilst at the same time we should consider that Tsvangirai won the legitimate election in March. Mugabe’s arrogance has brought us to the brink of hell.-Black Verse, Harare.

CAN someone tell me where Morgan Tsvangirai is and what he is doing there? The fight is in Zimbabwe not some foreign land. Learn from Gandhi who stated that politics and persona are inseparable.-Homeland.

ZIMBABWE is rich in untapped brainpower and Zimbabweans can resolve the current political impasse themselves. The South African experience serves as a precedent for us to follow. I propose that the University of Zimbabwe facilitate a national debate in aid of the current inter party talks.-I R.

AFRICA has surely failed in its naïve attempt at imposing the undemocratic Kenyan style solution on Zimbabwe. The UN should act now to stop further escalation of the crisis.-Observer.

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