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Morgan, We Need Your Leadership

I AM an MDC supporter who still firmly believes that the party will inevitably deliver the all-so-elusive concept of democracy to this our motherland of Zimbabwe.


I am also of the belief that as supporters we have an obligation to chastise our leadership in cases where they do wrong so that they never take us for granted.

I feel that it is incumbent upon me as a supporter to bring their lacklustre performance in keeping in touch with their base –– the supporters –– on where they stand on the issues of the power-sharing talks and also on the efforts they are making (if any) to alleviate the current humanitarian catastrophe which is unfolding.

MDC supporters, particularly in the rural areas, are getting disillusioned by the fact that the MDC these days is like a headless chicken with our leader Morgan Tsvangirai nowhere to be seen whilst hunger and deprivation rage on. Morgan, we need your leadership and inspiration. Please avail yourself for the sake of your suffering supporters.

MDC for Life,

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