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Letter To Econet, Net*One, Telecel

IT must be sweet music that you have all been given the go ahead to charge in the ever popular US dollar. What is in it for us I wonder? Same “number dialled not available” and “pee pee pee”?

The move is welcome for you as you will be conducting business with the currency used to buy the equipment thereby making planning and budgeting for future network development possible.

However your billing system now needs to be reviewed in line with international trends which you were quick to point out whenever we got poor service.

Another interesting thing with our networks is the absence of network development. How can they keep us on 2G 10 years down the line? South Africa is past 3G but and is now offering 3.5G. The excuse of costs is nonsense. If they cannot sustain the business why not opt out?  

The government must first lay down conditions to be met before industry is allowed to charge in forex lest they continue giving shoddy service. For a start Potraz must have told them that they are free to charge in forex after they had imported new technologies and shown a commitment to cover a certain percentage of the country.

Glen View.

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