What Has Happened To Investigative Journalism?

I RESPECT your paper for its principle of telling it as it is, for this is the only way our nation can start to climb out of our current malaise.

I hope you are going to expose the truth on the issue of the clampdown on some stockbrokers, banks, companies and individuals by the central bank governor Gideon Gono.

This action convinced most of us that there were elements in our midst who were making this country suffer.
Most of us –– I believe –– would really want to know what has since happened to the saboteurs especially if you consider the way this was aired on our ever “reliable” ZTV with the Attorney-General officials present.

What is strange is about the whole affair is that we learn through the rumour mill that the deemed saboteurs have since been cleared and removed from the “blacklist”.

Can someone explain why this has been done secretly? Is it because the governor misinformed the public or that he had not done his homework?

Or maybe he is just trying to show us that since he has been given five more years he is doing something to arrest the deteriorating situation?

My question to you is what has happened to investigative journalism? We definitely need some answers especially from Gono who made this an issue of national interest by beaming it on ZTV.

On another note, the only good bank in the country, Stanbic Bank, has been unable to generate a statements of my account for the past four weeks.

They keep telling me that their system is offline or that it is being upgraded. They need to take us customers more seriously.

Pindukai Rakabopa,