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Government Must Account For Anti-cholera Resources

THE Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA) is dismayed by the failure of the Zimbabwean de facto government and its parastatals to account for the funds which were designated for the control of cholera and provision of clean water to the residents of Harare.


The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe allocated large sums of money and vehicles to Zinwa towards the production and supply of water and sewer reticulation in the city some three weeks ago, but up to date nothing substantial has been seen on the ground. The cholera-infested areas are still without water. Raw sewage is still abundantly flowing through the residential areas and homes while burst sewers are still largely unattended and the cholera scourge is on the rise.

Meanwhile, the cholera scourge is unrelenting as it continues to claim more lives in Harare, across the country and rapidly sprawling beyond the Zimbabwean borders.

While there are reports that the UN aid agencies have stepped up efforts to fight cholera in Zimbabwe; CHRA still fears that the aid directed towards  fighting cholera might be usurped by the authorities and find its way to bankrolling some of the dishonest and insensitive government populist projects.
Zimbabwe desperately needs transparent and accountable  leadership. CHRA demands transparent, accountable and responsible leadership. Harare residents and Zimbabweans deserve better.


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