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Govt, Zinwa To Blame For Worsening Cholera Crisis

RESIDENTS in the suburb of Glen Norah reported a disquieting spread of cholera in the area this week, with more than four people dying in Glen Norah B, as of November 20.

The state-run Herald newspaper featured an article which alleged that “Cholera is under control” while people continue to have no access to clean tap water and to die from cholera.
It is paradoxical that this mishap comes at a time when the state is desperately propagating untrue information in a bid to cover up the statistics and magnitude of the epidemic.
The pandemic whose nucleus in Harare is Budiriro suburb is distressingly spreading to other neighbouring residential suburbs and is also wreaking havoc across the country, thus exposing the government’s disaster management and preparedness incapacity and the need for help. Suffice to say the cholera pandemic must be declared a national disaster .
Zinwa, the government parastatal responsible for water provision and sewer management has, despite the resources it received from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ), failed to meet the residents’ clean tap  water requirements.
The government has also failed to timeously act on the Zinwa failure –– that is –– reversing the disastrous decision of the water and sewer takeover and return the management of these to the local authority. These failures, coupled with the collapse of the country’s public health sector, have resulted in the massive infections and deaths from cholera.
The Combined Harare Residents Association demands that the government acts responsibly by relieving Zinwa of the sewer and water management duties and return them to the Harare local authority.
The residents cannot bear another day of Zinwa failure, government laxity and the cholera pandemic.
CHRA will continue to rally the residents around demanding quality service delivery and a responsible leadership.
We stand by the cholera victims and hold Zinwa and the government liable. The residents shall continue  to seek recourse for their violated rights.

Farai  Barnabas Mangodza,
Combined Harare
Residents Association

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