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MDC’s Information Management Very Poor

THIS is an open letter to the MDC’s information department.

I am a very concerned and frustrated voter who is in dire need of information regarding the seasons of change we are in and I expect this information to be supplied and managed properly by the chief proponents of change in this country.
I believe we are in a season of change.  Change is not a nightmare to me.  Though the labour pains are getting more and more intense, no amount of pain must be allowed to diminish our hope even to the slightest degree.  Now is the time for hope.  Our confession of faith teaches that hope does not disappoint.
However, there is an element of despair creeping into our society.  A certain degree of this despair comes from lack of proper information.  The chief agents of change in this painful but historic season of our own labour are charged with the duty to keep the povo properly informed.  
Many agents out there are ready to misinform. The Internet news explosion is evidence of a craving for information about our society, a desire that must be satisfied.  The common man in the street is very anxious about what is happening behind the closed doors, the places where they have no access. They need to know and they have that right.
The MDC has failed dismally to keep the povo adequately informed.  The MDC’s website is an underutilised tool of keeping in touch with the people.  Barack Obama used this tool to run a historic campaign that looks set to change the face of international politics.  He raised huge amounts of money and kept in touch with over 140 million voters.  After casting their vote, American voters received text messages of thanks from the Obama campaign.This is just an eye opener into the window of vast possibilities from a seemingly ordinary information tool.
Why should I go to Zimonline.com if I need the latest MDC position on talks?  Much of the time one sees a press statement in the newspaper and in opening the MDC website they find nothing –– instead there will only be outdated news.  One could be forgiven for thinking that it is a history site.  Why should I go to the BBC to get breaking news regarding the talks?
Disseminating information in this age is done just by the touch of a button.  Why should I wait to get information from websites which is usually speculative, naming unnamed sources when the MDC has got all the data?  And why should the MDC only rush to issue statements in reaction only after we have been misinformed when they have the information that we need?  Just give us the information before we are misinformed.
Information is power.  The MDC is not fighting from the bush and as such they should not leave the masses in information starvation.  In a conflict situation, information is salvation.  Despair creeps in when there is a dearth of information.  People begin to wonder and fall victim to misinformation.
On their website the MDC has put an option to select if you want a response.  This never happens.  Is this not a display of arrogance from a party that now feels they have a divine right to champion change and hence the ordinary man who cannot sponsor a campaign is a very insignificant part in the locomotives of change? Is there a shortage of manpower at the MDC information department?  If so, why put that option on the website if you are unable to honour it?  
In short, I wish to say the MDC ought to be more responsive and alert.  They cannot barricade themselves from the people if they seek to champion the people’s change.  I must not wait for a press conference.  It is not labour intensive to disseminate information.  It’s just a click of a button and we know where we are.  Newspapers take polls regarding sticking points.  The MDC remains mum.  They do not need our opinion.
Honourable Chamisa, we ask for change.  Be more available to the people.  It’s a new age and it will not cost you much.

Dzikamai Bere,

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