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MDC Should Be Wary Of Mugabe And Zanu PF

WE would like to express our support for the MDC and their negotiating team during this crucial time.


We also applaud the party for getting back to us the people with updates on what is taking place.
In this crisis, as in any, information dissemination is vital. We should constantly remind the world of what is happening behind the enemy lines and the sinister moves Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF are taking.
The refusal by Mugabe to issue Tsvangirai with a passport may be Mugabe’s Waterloo. Dictators have a tendency of overrating themselves and pushing their luck too far.
Whilst Mugabe had an opportunity to meet with the regional leaders in the absence of the MDC  it evidently was not of benefit to him.
MDC must continue to demand Tsvangirai’s passport as a necessary step towards  creating an atmosphere of goodwill.
They have now every reason to demand things in writing. Mugabe has demonstrated that he is not willing to play fair. They should no longer leave anything to chance. All the demands must be tabled and agreement sought on issues such as the constitutional amendments.
The agreement should be rid of all vague clauses. The powers of the president, even to declare war and a state of emergency, must be done with the agreement of the prime minister.
At the moment the illegal regime in Harare has no accountability and is plundering and looting national resources.  
Parliament must create a select committee to take stock of what is taking place during these negotiations. The committee must document how government resources are being used.

Agrippa Zvomuya,

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