Mugabe’s Zimbabwe – Zanu PF

ALLOW me to make a heinous analogy between Zimbabwe’s present government and Zimbabwe’s quondam government.



In 1979, a minority party attempted to create a “unity government”, retaining all posts of power such as home affairs, army, prison services and so forth.

It ended up not being a government of national unity; it was rather a government of coercion. History has shown that such governments do not hold water since they are formed in bad faith.

I sincerely hope that the government of national unity of 2008 has not been formed in bad faith particularly on President Mugabe’s part.

The signs of good faith that Zimbabweans are looking for would be giving Prime Minister designate Morgan Tsvangirai his passport, which is his birthright as a citizen, not a concession on the part of the Registrar-General’s office.

The second act of good faith is to let the party with the most votes have the influential ministries.

I think Zanu PF had their chance; it’s the MDC’s turn to save Zimbabwe from famine, unemployment and recession.

Tafadzwa, Harare.