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Zinwa Is A Disgrace

IT started off as just another idea of how to keep power in their hands, so it was decided that a new parastatal would be established.


To achieve this the requirements would include new premises with plush offices fully equipped with computers, photo copiers, telephones and furniture. Next would be to fill these new offices with staff whose only qualifications need be loyalty to the party.

All these newly employed people now require some form of transport, so a fleet of brand new vehicles ranging from luxury 4×4’s to double cabs to pickups to large lorries and buses is purchased using more of the country’s forex.

Thus we witness the birth of Zinwa, which since their takeover of the urban water supplies has done nothing at all to improve the lot of the people. In fact they must be held totally responsible for the shocking state of affairs that exists and for the deaths of all those who succumbed to the cholera outbreak in Chitungwiza.

The bottom line is that Zinwa is a national disgrace and those in charge should be made accountable for their incompetence.

Weary Rate-payer.

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