Mugabe Remains Unrepentant

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe was in the news, preaching the gospel of reconciliation in New York, remaining unrepentant, denouncing the targeted sanctions as “demonic”.


His strength defies odds –– being called energetic when most of his peers have retired.

He held interviews with foreign journalists airing his views against the West. He enjoyed press freedom which he does not afford us at home.

The general response has been: “We like the idea –– looks interesting on paper, but we will wait and see how it works.”

Mugabe once said Morgan Tsvangirai will never step into State House, but look at events today.

Recently Tsvangirai went around the country assessing the economic situation. When Mugabe was preserving his face and legacy, Tsvangirai was meeting people. Mugabe thinks only of his personal status. “How will the world remember me? Will Zimbabwe hold me dear”.

The macho attitude should stop.

Zimbabwe is now the priority, not Zanu PF.