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A New Beginning

TODAY (yesterday) I heard the news of the signing of the Government of National Unity (GNU) deal between Zanu PF and both formations of the MDC through their principals with great joy.

I had been eagerly waiting and believing for this day.

I felt the same relief I had when in 1987 the Unity Accord between Zanu PF and PF Zapu was announced. Back then some of us that were staying in the affected areas knew that we could not move freely. Even when tending livestock in the forest, we lived in fear. So, when the Unity Accord was announced and we heard that there will be no more soldiers patrolling our area and no “dissidents” to worry about, there was a great sigh of relief.

Let me be quick to say this, there may be things in this agreement that may not be seemingly good or we may not be happy about. It is not a perfect deal but I believe that it is the best deal to have in the current environment.

South African President Thabo Mbeki may not be many people’s favourite but you may genuinely agree with me that in our case, his strategy has produced positive results. I also appreciate the negotiation teams for South Africa that had been working with our teams. Both President Robert Mugabe and Prime Minister designate Morgan Tvangirai are not my best, but I would like to congratulate and honour them for taking this step towards solving our country’s predicament. I would want to believe that it took a lot of compromise, swallowing of pride and sacrifice for them to reach the agreement.

I do not take it for granted that for people with different ideologies who have been literally “enemies” for nine years to sit down together, shake hands and agree together calls for a sacrifice from both parties. I am not leaving out Authur Mutambara, his contribution to the success of this arrangement is most appreciated.

Besides the principals or leaders of the three major political players, I would like to thank the negotiating teams from the three parties. These six people have put a lot of time, energy and commitment to the success of this deal.

For these people to unite different minds, different political ideologies, different policies and principles to find a common ground does not seem to have been easy to me. They all have gone through ridicule and insults from the public and probably members of their own parties.

This deal is a good starting point. It is not possible to satisfy everybody in any setup, so, it will not be surprising that some will not be happy with the deal.

My plea to all Zimbabweans; let us cooperate, have faith, be positive and work towards building our nation. Let us support our leaders, pray for them and advise them. If everybody were to do their part, put their contribution to the building of our nation, it will take us less time than expected to flourish again.

To the leaders especially in the coming government and all levels, please work for the good of the nation.

Pursue transparency, excellence, justice, integrity & commitment to the good of our land. That we are different, have different backgrounds, goals, aspirations, convictions and expectations is a fact that cannot be denied, but that cannot and should not deter us from working together.

Pastor H,


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