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Mugabe To Blame For Poor Performance

ZANU PF’s leader, Robert Mugabe should not blame anyone but himself for the poor performance of his ministers.


The ministers that he is now trying to vilify in public are the same ministers that he a few years ago praised as “men of spine”.

What has made Mugabe realise that these ministers are nothing but a mockery to the people of Zimbabwe when for all these years he has been keeping them in cabinet and giving them hefty salaries and allowances from the overburdened and heavily taxed payers?

How can Mugabe rely on ministers who are in charge of whole ministries but can be cheated by a primary school-drop out that she discovered oil from a rock in Chinhoyi and believe that?

For keeping these ministers in charge of running the affairs of this country after such an embarrassing episode and plenty other foolish escapades shows Mugabe is equally to blame as he turned a blind eye on such issues when the economy was nose-diving.

These are offences that in some countries are punishable by lengthy jail terms but in Zimbabwe no ministers are questioned.

Their actions go unpunished and no one dares them to own up.

Mugabe and his non-performing ministers should just give us a break and save the nation from further decline.

He should have dismissed them many years back. The buck stops with Mugabe.

T G Mazhambe


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