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Tsvangirai Best Advised

I READ your article on the present situation in Zimbabwe, with interest.


While I agree with most of what you say, I still find that the situation in Zimbabwe is not easily an issue of ill advice by dark forces that have led to what is prevailing in the political problems of Zimbabwe, as you indicate.

Everyone knows that Robert Mugabe cheated to get the run-off. Morgan Tsvangirai should have boycotted the run-off anywhere and he would have still obtained the support of many Zimbabweans and the world.

Where have you ever heard of election results that take four weeks to announce?

That was clearly illegal, and rigging of the final outcome. Why do you think that Mugabe went on the rampage to kill MDC supporters, before the June 27 election?

If it was not to get the result he got, then why did he use intimidation and bloodshed? The June 27 result will always be illegitimate and should be used to charge him with crimes against humanity at a later date.

Tsvangirai is the best advised politician in Zimbabwe right now. He has come this far, with good advice on his side and he is the only one who can finish Mugabe’s political career.

Have you not noticed how he is more eloquent in delivering his message than Mugabe or anyone in Zanu PF?

That is because, in spite of having no university degrees, he still commands a very agile brain.

This is a gift which no one can take away from him.

Universities are not what they are reputed to be, they are centres of deception. Only the proud and arrogant notice these degrees. Tsvangirai, on the other hand, is a simple man. That is why people support him.

Without rigging, Mugabe would not even muster 10 seats in the House of Assembly.

He rigged to get 99 seats anyway and the next time the ball game will have changed. There will be nothing for Zanu PF. Jail is awaiting most if not all of them for crimes against humanity.

Where in the world do you find a despot, who has left a trail of blood for so long, hanging on to power? Only in Zimbabwe.

The man is history and his children will regret they had him for a father. His legacy will always be utter shame for them.

Jay Cee




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