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TSVANGIRAI should take his time to peruse what he is to sign and not be rushed by people who are not accountable to anyone.

He cannot afford to be tricked, because he carries with him the hopes and aspirations of more people than either Mugabe or Mutambara.

ZIMBABWE has surely gone back to the middle ages. We only have electricity between midnight and 4 am, and this has become the norm for the last two months.


EVEN though we want our service chiefs, security personnel and senior servants to be issued with vehicles, the Prados, 4×4’s, and Mercedes Benzes I saw coming from the Zimbabwe Defense Forces day commemorations at Gwanzura stadium tore away at my heart. 

The foreign currency required to purchase those vehicles would go a long way to revive the economy.

THE deportation of Caesar Zvayi is yet another clear sign that the Botswana government is with the people of Zimbabwe.
Zimbo for real.

IF Zimbabwe was all milk and honey as he would crow in the Herald, why then had Caesar Zvayi dashed for Botswana?
Cease Manyepo.

UTTERANCES by Mutambara about the West allegedly imposing leaders on us are ridiculous to say the least. I would understand them though because he is a mafikizolo to this current struggle and does not know who the real enemy is. 

It is known by everyone that Morgan Tsvangirai won in March and victory was not given to him on a silver platter. The West is not the problem Prof, but the losers club to which you and Mugabe belong.

ZIMBABWE needs a brave new leadership which looks ahead, not backwards, and which makes everyone feel that they are part of the team.
Born to lead.

NOW that Gideon Gono has slashed 10 zeros, it is time he considered slashing inflation so that the zeros don’t come back again.
Bush Economist, Gweru.

CAN Zanu PF prove why Zimbabwe seems to be the only target for re-colonisation whilst other African nations make no such claims. Why does the MDC not debunk such fabrications?

Politically Honest.

THIS Steven Chan seems to know very little about Tsvangirai and the MDC. His analysis in the Zimbabwe Independent is very misleading.

MDC sympathiser.

JORAM Nyathi should give Morgan a break. He should just join Zanu PF and do their PR work rather than masquerading as an impartial analyst.
I Nyakudya.

NIGEL Chanakira’s success is a clear testimony of the good that can come from Zimbabwe. It is amazing that he has managed to reach such levels of success.

THUMBS up to Kingdom boss Nigel Chanakira for his outstanding contribution to the business community.
Trust Shirichena.

FOR the sake of the suffering masses, I say to those currently holding talks that they should come to an agreement promptly. If they delay they will find us dead from hunger.
Starving Zimba.

BOTH textbook and not-so-textbook economics have failed to bear fruit for Gono. Maybe it is time the post he holds be advertised so that we may get someone more qualified.
More Qualified.

ARTHUR Mutambara and Jonathan Moyo cannot be trusted. They are opportunists as evidenced by their willingness to bend wherever the political winds blow. We want true change.

IN any negotiation deadlines are not as important as the content of the agreement. Tsvangirai’s decision to defer signing should be respected.

TSVANGIRAI and the MDC should realise that should they get into a GNU, their ability to lead and the fulfilment of election promises will be put to the test. If they rest because they would now be in power, they will be booted out in the next elections.

THE government should stop claiming that Bacossi is for everyone when they are distributing it mostly to  Zanu PF supporters.

MUTAMBARA’s apparent haste to embrace Mugabe may be a sign of his hankering after power. He must studiously analyse the agreement because he is dealing with a regime bent on retaining power at all costs.


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